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Karel Vanhaesebrouck is a professor and chair of theatre studies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where he teaches courses in the MA program “Arts du spectacle vivant” and acts as a director of the research center CiASp | Centre de recherche en Cinéma et Arts du Spectacle. Prior to coming to Brussels, Vanhaesebrouck was an assistant professor at Maastricht University and worked as postdoctoral researcher at the VUB. Karel Vanhaesebrouck is a member of the “Jonge Academie” (2015-2020). He acts as a co-director of the THEA Research Group, a cross-institutional (VUB, ULB, RITCS) research group facilitating artistic and scientific research within the broad fields of theatre and performance. In 2013 Vanhaesebrouck’s research was awarded the Prize “Laureaat van de Koninklijke Vlaamse academie voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten in de Klasse van de kunsten” by the Royal Flemish Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgium). In November 2016 Vanhaesebrouck was a visiting professor at the Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. In January 2017 he resided as a fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) in Amsterdam. Vanhaesebrouck supervises several research projects funded by FNRS, Innoviris and FWO. He also supervises a number of artistic PhD projects (Doctorat en Arts et Sciences de l’Art) in the field of theatre, performance and documentary research.

Karel Vanhaesebrouck also works as a theory lecturer at the Brussel-based film and theatre school RITCS (www.rits.be), the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound of the Erasmus University College, where he teaches courses in theatre history and cultural history. From 2010 up to 2017 he directed the RITCS theatre department, bearing artistic and pedagogical responsibility for the training of directors (BA and MA), actors (BA and MA) and theatre technicians (BA). In 2015 the Flemish Minister of Culture, Sven Gatz, discerned the Flemish Cultural Award for Performing Arts 2014 to the theatre department of RITCS. Vanhaesebrouck was a board member of the council of the school during that same period. He is also a guest professor of theatre history at ESACT Liège and collaborates on the “Certificat en dramaturgie circassienne” organized by the renowned circus schools ESAC and CNAC.

He published the book-length study Le mythe de l’authenticité (2009) and (co-)edited volumes on David Mamet (Willen jullie in zo'n wereld leven? David Mamet in Vlaanderen en de wereld, with Ronald Geerts and Klaas Tindemans) (VUBPress), on tragedy (Oedipe contemporain? Tragédie, tragique, politique, with Christian Biet and Paul Vanden berghe) (Editions Entretemps), on art and activism (Art and activism in the age of globalization, with Lieven De Cauter and Ruben De Roo) (NAI Publishers, 2011) and on violence in early modern spectacular culture (The Hurt(ful) Body. Pain and suffering in early modern performance and visual arts, with Kornee Van der Haven and Tomas Macsotay, Manchester University Press). Recent book publications include: Kleine Vlaamse Mythologieën (met Jan Baetens, Uitg. Het Balanseer, 2014; French translation forthcoming with La Lettre volée in 2018), Spectacle et justice. Regards croisés sur le système pénal en Belgique. (avec Christine Guillain en Yves Cartuyvels, Lannoo Campus, 2015) en Theater. Een visuele geschiedenis (met Thomas Crombez, Jelle Koopmans, Frank Peeters, Luk Van den Dries, LannooCampus, 2015). Together with Lieven De Cauter and Rudi Laermans he recently published Klein lexicon van het managementjargen. Kritiek van de nieuwe newspeak (2016). He is also the editor of the 3-volume book series De Grieken (Bebuquin 2016-2017), bringing together Johan Boonen’s translations of 11 Greek tragedies

His scholarly work has been published in journals such as Poetics Today, Textyles, Phrasis, Theatre Topics, Image & Narrative, Contemporary theatre, Critique, Etudes Théâtrales, Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, Théâtre/Public, Cahiers naturalistes Crisis & Critique, TDR/The Drama Review e.a.

Vanhaesebrouck occasionally works as a dramaturge for Theater Antigone, where he created together with Raven Ruell and Jos Verbist Tribuna(a)l and Oeps. He has a keen interest in contemporary writing for the theatre and acts as a co-organizer of Forum for New European Writing (Strasbourg 2016, Brussels 2017, Avignon 2018). He is a jury member of the Flemish Theatre festival and of the theatre advisory commission of the Flemish Fund for Literature.

Current research projects:

Promotor FNRS 22368212 Mandat Chargé de recherches (post-doc, 3 years, fulltime): Nele Wynants: The Optics of Performance. An archaeological approach to intermediality in Theatre and Performance.

Promotor FNRS 22521421 Mandat Aspirant (pre-doc, 4 years, fulltime): Amin Zamani, Le fonctionnement performatif de l’espace théâtral en Iran de 1979 à present: pour une etude du rapport du théâtre au pouvoir aux volontés totalitaires.

Innoviris Research project The diversity of work in the creative and cultural industries: making it work for Brussels. Funding: Innoviris. Prospective Research for Brussels 2014. Supervisor: Bas Van Heur (VUB), Walter Ysebaert (VUB), Karel Vanhaesebrouck (ULB), Jean-Louis Genard (ULB), Christine Schaut (USL), Judith Le Maire (ULB).

Main applicant G0A0715N FWO/NOW Research project Imagineering Violence: Techniques of Early Modern Performativity. Co-applicants Kornee Vanderhaven (Ghent), Inger Leemans (Amsterdam), Frans-Willem Korsten (Leiden) [2 fulltime PhD Researchers]

Working Group “Knowledge and the market: commercialization, commodification” (coordinated by Inger Leemans) as part of the International Collaboration Project The Global Knowledge society. Coordination by Sven Dupré (Max Planck) and Wijnand Mijnhardt (Utrecht University).

Collaborating researcher "Care for the future, Passé dans le présent - Situationnisme et Performance" Funding: AHRC (Great-Britain) and ANR Labex (France).

Co-supervisor EOS Excellence of Science FWO/FNRS project 30802346 "B-Magic. The Magic Lantern and its Cultural Impact as Visual Mass Medium in Belgium" (1830-1940). Partenaire ULB: Dominique Naste & Karel Vanhaesebrouck (Centre de recherche Musique, Cinéma et Arts de la scène, Faculté de Lettres, Traduction et Communication). Main Applicant: Kurt Vanhoutte (Antwerp University).

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ARTC-B-400 Histoire du spectacle

ARTC-B-406 Dramaturgie et codes de la représentation (Atelier)

ARTC-B-415 Sémiologie du spectacle vivant

ARTC-B-420 Atelier pratique et séminaire pluridisciplinaire Erasmus mundus

ARTC-B-450 Etude approfondie du spectacle contemporain

ARTC-B-455 Sensibilisation à la pratique du spectacle vivant

ARTC-B-500 Séminaire : lectures critiques du spectacle vivant

ARTC-B-515 Le spectacle vivant en Belgique

Centre(s) de recherche

Musique, Cinéma et Arts de la scène

Publication(s) récente(s)

Vanhaesebrouck, K., & Wouters, J. (2019). Deep space or the re-invention of scenography In N. Wynants (Ed.), Deep Time of the Theatre. Media Archaeological Approaches to Performance. PalGrave McMillan.(Avant-gardes in Performance).

Vanhaesebrouck, K., & Diaz Otero, A. (2019). L’esthétique de l’imprévisible. La notion d’instinct dans le travail de Wim Vandekeybus Etudes théâtrales.

Vanhaesebrouck, K. (2019). Barok tussen spektakel en zelfreflectie. Een terugblik op Sanguine / Bloedrood in M HKA De witte raaf,(197).

Vanhaesebrouck, K. (2019). Jan Bucquoy ou l’art du dérèglement Théâtre/Public,(231), 99.

Vanhaesebrouck, K. (2019). Démanteler le spectacle en utilisant le spectacle. Entretien avec Benjamin Verdonck et Emilio-Lopez Menchero Théâtre/Public,(231), 100-106.

Van Heur, B., Genard, J. L., le Maire de Romsée, J., Schaut, C., Rinschbergh, F., Swyngedouw, E., Vanhaesebrouck, K., Ysebaert, W., & Vlegels, J. (2019, janvier). The Diversity of Work in the Creative and Cultural Industries: Making it Work for Brussels.

Baetens, J., Vanhaesebrouck, K., et al. (2019). Les petites mythologies flamandes Bruxelles: La lettre volee.

Vanhaesebrouck, K., & Boonen, J. (2018). De Grieken.: Bloed Antwerpen: Bebuquin.

Vanhaesebrouck, K. (2018). Measuring Artistic Research or the Real Agenda Behind Bologna in Higher Arts Education In W. Ysebaert (Ed.), Evaluating Art and Design Research: Reflections, Evaluation Practices and Research Presentations (pp. 16-22). Brussels: VUBPress.

Genard, J. L., Rinschbergh, F., Swyngedouw, E., Vanhaesebrouck, K., Van Heur, B., & Vlegels, J. (2018). Introduction: Rethinking ‘creativity’ in a cosmopolitan and unequal city In F. Rinschbergh, E. Swyngedouw, & J. Vlegels (Eds.), Cultural and creative industries in Brussels (1 ed., pp. 7-29). Bruxelles: VUB Press.